Strict implementation of GMP production standards

with a history of over 70 years and DASHENG Trade & Technology Co., Ltd. of America. It is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area which is the new economic growth point of around Bohai Sea area, covering an area of 15000 square meters. It is adjacent to Jing-Jin Expressway and east to Tianjin Port. Winning enjoys good location with convenient transportation and Optimizing Economic Environment.


Global fine selection of raw materials is elected

Under the principle of keeping in pace with the world, Winning aims to supply high quality products and specialized service to fulfill the demand of human-beings. It is the expert in solving people sub health problems.

The products with U-ways brand are clearly classified into middle and old aged series, man series, woman series, and children series. The products can help consumer get rid of the sub health problems, acquire the right scientific concept about health, and enjoy a high-quality life.


  • Vitamin B
  • Fish Oil
  • Lecithin
  • Vitamin C
  • Spirulina&Vitamin E
  • According to the physiological structure of women, she is generally lack of vitamin nutrients.

    Glamorous Woman

  • man is easily lead to the lack of a variety of vitamins in the body as a result of staying up late, smoking, drinking and other reason.

    Strong Man

  • The elder's body organ function gradually weakened, so more need special vitamins nutrition care.

    Healthy Elderly